Kenny Poole 1948 - 2006

May of 2006 brought a close to an era with the passing of Kenny Poole, the Cincinnati music scene has lost a very talented individual. Tim Brockman owes a lot to Kenny for the level of respect he has attained amoung fellow musicians as an up and coming luthier.

Kenny Poole

The Brockman Premier

...being played by Kenny at DeShay's restaurant in Montgomery, OH. Kenny has been referred to by many as a Jazz guitarist. For Kenny, Jazz was just a little too structured, his real passion was just "playing pretty music."

There's a nine minute clip of Kenny playing "Aquarela do Brasil" posted on YouTube. The occasion was the Dayton Finger Style Guitar Club Concert. As the comments posted attest, Kenny's finger style is truly beautiful.

Kenny, Rosie & Tim

Kenny Poole, Mrs. Roseann Brockman and Tim Brockman

"I took my mom out one night to see Kenny and I've never seen her smile so big in her life. I think that that's probably the biggest payoff for me at this stage. It's not for the money. I hope to see a lot more people out playing my instruments in the future here. I never would have pictured that starting out I would have this level of success this fast. I was like, okay, this was a great dream in the back of your mind but this is going to take years to get there and it came a little quicker than I was expecting. And in that sense, it's pretty rewarding. It will be interesting to see, I don't know what's going to happen ten years from now. I hope for the best, clearly if you look around my house, I think I'm going to be doing it ten years from now." - Tim Brockman