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Welcome to Brockman Guitars

Being someone who likes to take on new challenges that build and expand on skills, Tim Brockman set out to build his first two guitars in 1999. The archtop style popularized by John D'Angelico was definfitely an ambitious undertaking that required great attention to detail. Although some people new to the art might write off their first instrument as a learning process, the Brockman Premier made a big impression on Cincinnati's legendary Kenny Poole.

Brockman Premier

The Brockman Premier

Here's what Kenny Poole had to say:

"This was his first guitar and it's just as good a guitar as I think I have every played. It's a completely reliable instrument. It doesn't fluctuate with the weather. This is what I look for in an instrument, it is 24/7 ready to do what you want it to do. It's just a completely crisp, solid instrument and it's totally reliable all the time. It's a tool, like saws and hammers, they're beautiful, they're still just tools. What you want out of a tool is for it to behave properly all of the time. So that's what I look for, that's what I found in this." - Kenny Poole

When it comes down to custom built guitars, the biggest difference Tim can offer would be the actual quality and the intensity of figure, uniqueness of wood, things that the factories that are mass producing instruments can't accomplish. Today, Tim enjoys a growing reputation amoung Cincinnati area musicians for producing handbuilt guitars with exacting attention to detail.

Arch Rival

The Brockman Arch Rival

While Tim does have another full-time business, working on guitars is more than just a hobby. The challenge comes from the hands on work which in turn requires being creative. When you're building a hand made product, it becomes necessary to figure out ways to make jigs and how to make tools. It's not like you can pick up a catalog and find that exact tool that you're envisioning to do an operation that you need done. At this stage in his career, Tim enjoys building guitars on a small scale and is happy with the way that things are.

Tim has this to say about his current production:

"I think if I was doing this on a larger scale and I had to make a living building guitars, with the pressure and the fact that I would be forced to try and sell more aggressively would probably take a lot more of the enjoyment out of it. Plus the worry that I would be looking over my shoulder and punching a time clock, how much time do I have in that, how much do I need to recoup now? And this way I don't feel like I have those pressures. The reason I'm doing this out of my home is because I don't have a shop with the monthly expenditure for shop space. Which once again puts constraints upon how well I can do what I'm trying to do here."

Brockman Double 0 Five

The Brockman Double 0 Five

For me, fortunately it's been strictly word of mouth. I never advertise, I guess I never felt like that was the course that I want to go down. I like having layers of relationships. Somebody comes to me, I know who referred them and there's a relationship that's there. I feel more comfortable like that than trying to get somebody that I don't know off of street to say "Trust me, give me a chance." I'd rather somebody say "I know what you can do." I'd rather somebody comes to me with an idea and they're willing to say 'Okay, let's work together.'" - Tim Brockman